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Prosthetic Liner Primer

    Whether you're riding a bike, picking up groceries or dancing; comfort, control and confidence are important requirements in the everyday lives of amputees. Designed to facilitate these particular activities are prosthetic liners — roll-on gel or silicone prosthetic products that are used to control swelling, skin abrasions and habitual discomfort amputees may experience. Designed using a soft, flexible substance and rolled onto the residual limb, prosthetic liners provide protection and optionally suspension.

    As O&P manufacturers continue to offer a variety of prosthetic liners with different benefits and applications, it is important to determine what liner works best for an amputee's particular lifestyle. Proper fit and material attributes are significant deciding factors, as well as age, allergies and activity level. Prosthetic liners are available in many sizes, thicknesses and materials. These variables make it crucial that amputees and Prosthetists are knowledgeable about which prosthetic liner options are available to them, as well as the latest developments in forward-looking technology. This is a non-comprehensive guide for prosthetic liners. Gain a brief overview of prosthetic liners, how they work, material options, and caring instructions.

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