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Donning aids for Prosthetic Shrinkers

    Various tools and techniques have evolved over the years for applying high compression prosthetic shrinker sock garments.  Donning aids for prosthetic shrinkers range from slippery fitting lotions to cylindrical donning tube devices.

    Donning Compression Garment Fitting Lotions

    Many of these lotions have a high concentration of silicone (Dimethicone) in their formulas providing that frictionless glide for sliding compression garments and prosthetic shrinkers into place.  When evaluating fitting lotions, not all fitting lotions are created equal.  Many are composed of pure silicone, while others contain properties that also condition and moisturize your skin. Silicone is what gives fitting lotions that "greasy" sensation and usually requires grabbing a towel to clean your hands afterwards.  Silicone's occlusive nature keeps it on the surface--versus being immediately absorbed--providing a frictionless sensation for donning tight compression garments. Fitting lotions, similar to Resilience Fitting Lotion with additional  skin nourishing ingredients tend to allow the product to eventually fully absorb into your skin. Ideally, you want a fitting lotion that contains silicone as well as other ingredients that can nourish and maintain healthy skin.

    Shrinker Donning Tubes

    Shrinker Tubes are ideal for  new amputees.  Simply stretch your prosthetic shrinker over the open end, completely reflect your prosthetic shrinker over the top.  Slowly "step into" or pull the cylinder towards your body until the prosthetic shrinker is fully applied.  Don't hesitate to use both a fitting lotion and prosthetic shrinker tube.

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