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I think it's time for a new prosthetic shrinker

    Prosthetic shrinkers change shape with time, as well as your residual limb.  Prosthetic shrinkers are sized using measurements that you or your Prosthetist acquired when your limb was at a certain shape and size.  If a prosthetic shrinker is too tight or loose it may be time to reassess the fit of your shrinker by taking new measurements.   

    If you're concerned about whether your prosthetic shrinker fits properly, start by taking new measurements of your residual limb.  Compare your new measurements to the sizing chart on the product page of the prosthetic shrinker that you wear.  If you measurements fit into a new size, it may be time to order a fresh limb shrinker.  Many new amputees order two shrinkers, one correctly sized shrinker and one size smaller in anticipation of shrinking rapidly during the first few months of residual limb maturation.

    If you are able to easily slide your shrinker on with ease, it's possible your stump shinker has lost its elasticity.  In which case you should still remeasure yourself.   Shrinkers should last six to eight months if cared for properly.  If you experience discomfort when applying your shrinker, you may want to consider using a shrinker fitting lotion or donning tube to help your prosthetic shrinker slide on easier.

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