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Which Prosthetic Moisturizer Is Right For My Skin Type?

    Moisturizers keep skin hydrated, make it smoother and more resilient, and better able to retain moisture. There are a few products to choose from, but in order to get the most benefit from your moisturizer you'll need to find one that's suited to your skin type-- either dry, oily, sensitive, normal, or a combination. 

    What's Your Skin Type? 


    Normal skin isn't too dry, but it isn't too oily either. To maintain this natural balance, look for a light, non-greasy, water based product. 


    Your skin type is dry if it's often red, tight, chapped, or cracked. A humectant rich moisturizer is the way to go. Look for heavier, oil-based moisturizers that will heal your skin and keep it hydrated. 


    Even if your skin is naturally oily, it still needs regular moisturizing, especially after you use other skin care products that strip the oils from your skin. A light, oil free, water based moisturizer can protect and replenish your skin after cleansing. 


    Combination skin may be normal, oily, and dry, sometimes randomly but sometimes at the same time. This type of skin type calls for a flexible routine. Use a thick, oil-based moisturizer when skin is dry, and a water-based, lighter product when it's oily. Moisturizers especially formulated for combination skin are best to use when your skin is both dry and oily at once. 


    The skin on your limb is very sensitive, and especially susceptible to irritation, redness, rashes, and abrasions. To protect sensitive skin, use a moisturizer that won't irritate or cause a reaction, typically one without fragrance or dyes.


    As you age, your oil-producing glands become less active, which means your skin will be more prone to scaling and flaking. An oil-based moisturizer with petrolatum, lactic acid, and alpha hydroxy acids will help maturing skin to retain moisture and stay well hydrated. 

    Bottom Line

    Many moisturizing options exist, but the best is the one that is suited for your skin type. 

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