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What do the shrinker Compression Ratings mean?

    What are shrinker compression ratings?  Prosthetic shrinkers are available in two strengths or compression, which refers to the amount of pressure being applied to your residual limb.  Most shrinkers offer graduated compression that decreases the pressure as you move up your limb creating a tighter bottom and looser top.  Although prosthetic shrinkers are cheaper to buy online, it's a good idea to consult with your Prosthetist for your first one. This will ensure you get the right compression, plus you learn how to put them on properly.

      Standard: 20-30mmHg: The most frequently recommended compression level.  Often worn post-amputation to aid in limb maturation and reduce phantom pain.
      Heavy Duty: 30-40mmHg: Rarely recommended by physicians.  This compression provides relief from severe swelling and edema. These high compression shrinkers should be worn under a doctors’ supervision.

              *This information should not be construed as medical advice. Please ask your doctor or prosthetist which compression level you should wear.

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