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How many sock ply is too many ply?

    Whether you are a new amputee or one whose limb has fully matured and you find yourself wearing a prosthesis with 20 plus sock ply, here's what you can do.  First and foremost, please call your Prosthetist for an appointment.  During your scheduled appointment he/she will evaluate your current socket and you can decide whether it's time for a socket replacement or attempt to adjust your current socket fit.   During this appointment he/she will take into consideration any changes in medications, weight gain or lose and  previous attempts to adjust your socket fit.

    When you are a new amputee it's not uncommon to try to achieve as much limb maturation as possible.  Limb maturation is the process  by which your residual limb experiences a reduction in swelling, possible muscle atrophy and completion of the healing process post-amputation. An article from the Veterans Administration describes "stump maturation" as a process comprised of stages:

    "The stage of maturation of this healing process has important implications for the prosthetist and for the design of, the prosthetic socket. We believe it is convenient for the prosthetist to classify stump maturation as follows. An immature stump is one within 3 months of amputation. A maturing below-knee stump refers to one which is being fitted between 4 months and 2 years after surgery. A mature stump is one at least 2 years after the amputation and which has been fitted with a prosthesis."

    As a prosthetic user what can you do in the interim. 

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    How-to reduce your sock ply count with gel.


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                       PLY CHART

    1 Ply

    1 Ply Sock or "Lightweight"

    2 Ply

    *2 One Ply Socks

    3 Ply

    1 Three Ply

    4 Ply

    1 Three ply + 1 One Ply

    5 Ply

    1 Five Ply

    6 Ply

    *2 Three Plies

    7 Ply

    1 Five Ply + 2 One Plies

    8 Ply

    1 Five Ply + 3 One Plies

    9 Ply

    3 Three Plies

    10 Ply

    2 Five Plies

    11 Ply

    2 Five Plies + 1 One Ply

    12 Ply

    4 Three Plies


    *Some socks are a available in 2-Ply.

    *If you wear a 6-Ply sock and you need to order one email us to special order.