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3 Ways to Care For Your Dry Skin

    Dry skin is a common problem for amputees who wear a prosthesis every day. If your skin is chapped, red, cracked, or feels tight and uncomfortable after cleansing, then it's already dehydrated. Your skin has to be strong and healthy to survive the stress of wearing a prosthesis every day, and that means it needs to be hydrated. If your skin is too dry for comfort, here are 3 things you can do to get it back into shape. 

    1. Be gentle when you cleanse. 

    Dry skin needs thorough, gentle cleansing with mild products that won't irritate the skin. Skip the commercial soap and try a fragrance free, pH balanced prosthetic cleanser that is less likely to dry you out more or cause a negative reaction. Hot showers and baths and tap water are all very drying; cleanse with warm water instead. 

    2. Don't skimp on the prosthetic moisturizer. 

    Dry skin should be treated with generous amounts of creams or lotions that attract and retain moisture, hydrate and replenish, and heal cracked and drying skin. Make sure you don't miss the areas on the back of your limb and the spot on the thigh where your roll-on liner or BK sleeve ends. 

    3.  Give yourself a massage.  

    Both your skin and your limb benefit from regular stimulation. Follow a bath or shower by applying a light layer of baby oil, then massage your limb with nourishing lotion each night before going to bed. And always be gentle with the skin on your limb! 

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