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Cotton Stockinette as a pull sock for suction sockets

Posted by Bryan Potok on

Prosthetic users have the option of using a cotton stockinette pull sock.  Stockinette pull socks are available in rolls of usually 25yd (23m).  Stockinette pull socks are used in a similar manner to Nylon Donning Sheaths.  The end result, for the most part is the same, however the experience is quite different.  Using pull socks is actually messy because you will need a lubricant such as talcum powder to reduce any abrasiveness and friction. It takes significantly more energy to pull your residual limb into your socket, as well as hand strength and balance. Using cotton stockinette is not a great idea if you have balance or arm strength issues.  The advantage of using cotton stockinette is that it's very economical.  One roll will last you many months. As one pull sock wears out, simply cut another from your cotton stockinette roll.

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