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Prosthetic Liner Care Tips

    • Never pull your prosthetic liner onto your residual limb.  Always roll your prosthetic liner on to prevent damaging the liner as well as creating skin irritations.
    • To remove any air bubbles trapped in the prosthetic liner, place your hands on the sides of the liner and lightly slide them from the bottom of the liner to the top a few times.
    • Prosthetic sleeves and liners should be washed weekly by hand with a pH balanced soap or prosthetic wipe. Dry your prosthetic liner with a towel, and hang to dry using a liner drying stand
    • If the inside of the prosthetic liner feels tacky, you can dust it lightly with baby powder. 
    • Keep a supply of at least two good prosthetic liners, since they need to be washed and dried weekly and replaced when damaged.

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