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When Nothing Else Works, Is Surgery An Option?

    Have you tried antiperspirant roll-ons, powders, and sprays, and nothing seems to stop your excessive sweating? Many amputees perspire profusely, at least at first, but not all can control sweat with their daily skin care routine. Luckily, there are non-invasive surgical options that will stop sweat for weeks or months at a time. 

    If your sweating is no match for antiperspirants or other traditional methods of sweat control, you may want to pursue more aggressive measures. Your doctor may recommend a procedure like Botox injections into the skin, which block sweat glands much the way antiperspirants do, but for much longer periods of time. You may also consider a newer treatment called the MiraDry procedure, a non-invasive process that eliminates sweat glands altogether. Since sweat glands don't regenerate, the results of this treatment will offer long-lasting relief from excessive perspiring. A third option is to use a special battery operated device called a drionic unit. The device stops sweating on the hands and feet using a process called iontophoresis -- ions that occur naturally in tap water are pushed toward the skin by a low voltage electricity. 

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