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Silicone Sheets 101: Episode 1 – From Sealing Pin Holes to Protecting Sensitive Areas

    What are Calibrate Silicone Sheets?:

    • Washable and reusable self-adhesive silicone
    • Antimicrobial and odor free top cover
    • 4-way stretch medical grade silicone and fabric
    • Limits chafing and pressure within your prosthesis
    • Trim your Silicone Sheets to shape for any “trouble spots” within your prosthetic socket
    • Calibrate Silicone Sheets are 2 mm thick
    • Sizing is 2.5 x 3 inches (6.35cm x 7.62cm) and 4 x 6 inches (10.16cm x 15.24cm) per polybag
    Silicone Sheets are very flexible.You can trim your silicone sheets to shape


    Temporarily seal a pin hole:

    In an emergency, cutting a small 1-inch oval from a silicone sheet and placing it over a pin hole can effectively maintain vacuum. This simple yet effective technique ensures proper suspension, serving as a temporary solution until you can get a replacement sleeve. 

    *Your Silicone Sheet may not work with some 'oily' type liner/sleeve gel formulas.

    Roll your sleeve down to expose the pin hole and place an oval shaped silicone sheet over the hole and roll your sleeve back up your thigh.


    Pressure over a long bone:

    If you're experiencing friction over a sensitive area, cut a teardrop or oval shape from a silicone sheet to cover the entire affected area. You can either stick the silicone to the socket wall or place it directly on your skin.

    Trim your silicone to shape to cover the high friction affected area of your limb.Ensure the area is clean before applying the silicone sheet to prevent it from shifting during walking.

    **As a precaution, double-check your skin within 5 minutes of wearing to ensure the silicone sheet is not exacerbating or causing any issues.

    Amputee Essentials recommends that you hand wash your Silicone Sheets with mild soap and rinse thoroughly everyday after use.  Pat off excess water and lay flat to completely dry.