Prosthetic Categories

Measuring Guide for Socks & Textiles

Top: Measure the circumference around your limb and try to keep your soft tape measure level and snug versus too tight or loose. Ideally, get someone else to take your measurements for you. If this isn’t possible take the measurements yourself in front of a mirror for better visibility. Never measure over clothing.


Mannequins measurements:

Below-Knee: [18.75 in, 47.6cm]

Above-Knee: [26.5in, 67.3cm]

Arm: [18.75 in, 47.6cm]

*Measurements are taken over bare skin.

Bottom: Place a dot along your limb 2 inches up from the bottom for reference. Measure your bottom circumference along this dot and make sure your tape measure is level in the front and back. This is the hardest measurement to take and it's recommended to have someone measure for you. Most people measure too high resulting in an oversized product ordered.


Mannequins measurements: Below-Knee: [16.25 in, 41.3cm]

Above-Knee: [23in, 58.4cm]

Arm: [18.75 in, 47.6cm]

*Measurements are taken over bare skin.