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How-to apply a stump shrinker

    Applying a stump shrinker for some may not be the most enjoyable experience.  There a few techniques and tools available to make this important task a lot easier.  Before we begin the key points to remember:

    1. Don't pull your shrinker so taut that it thins out along the bottom
    2. It's not always easy, but try to smooth out any wrinkles,  and last
    3. try to position the seam so that it doesn't cross over any bones

    As far as techniques and tools are concerned, take a peak at our guide for buying slip-on donning aids.  Some manufacturers have began creating shrinker donning tubes.  Knit-Rite Shrinker Tube is one such prosthetic product that allows you to slowly and easily roll your stump shrinker on.  To make things even easier apply a silicone fitting lotion onto your  residual limb to remove any friction and snagging of your shrinker.  Fitting lotions have  silicone added to their respective formulations that permit easy sliding.  Quality fitting lotions also contain some form of moisturizer to keep you skin from becoming dry and flakey.

    When applying a stump shrinker  grasp both sides and feed the shrinker into hands until you reach the bottom of the stump shrinker.  Now pull the shrinker as wide open as possible and begin sliding onto your limb.  Allow the shrinker to lay onto your limb versus pulling it too taut.  Smooth out any wrinkles and you're done!

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