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Prosthetic Leg Belts from

Prosthetic leg belts and straps are available in a few different forms.  There are a many advantages in using a prosthetic belt and they're based on the unique requirements of each prosthetic user.  For example, an active above-knee amputee cyclist may need a prosthetic belt as additional suspension and security during a ride.  A new above-knee amputee may use the same AK prosthetic belt to control socket rotation while their limb matures and changes shape.  On Amputee Store you can find prosthetic belts and straps for both above-knee and below-knee amputees.  Straps for below knee amputees are available with or without a waist belt. The big advantage with using BK straps is that they are adjustable, which can be an important consideration when follow-up visits to your prosthetist are difficult.  Dig a little deeper and read our Prosthetic Belts Guide


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