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Prosthetic Sheaths from

Prosthetic sheaths have many different applications.  Adding a stump sheath to your prosthetic sock regimen can wick sweat and wetness away from your skin. Nylon stump sheaths allow moisture to pass through and get absorbed by your prosthetic sock making you feeling drier.  If you wear a Ottobock Harmony vacuum system it's critical to keep the interior exhaust valve free from debris and lint.  Placing a nylon prosthetic sheath over your socks can prevent clogging and subsequent suspension loss.  Popular brands like Silipos Sheaths use mineral oil gel to fight friction while also conditioning your skin.  Knit-Rite and Comfort now manufacturer stump sheaths with silver (x-static) to help fight odor causing bacteria.  We created a Prosthetic Stump Sheath Guide to help you rediscover sheaths and learn more.


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