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How to protect and care for prosthetic suspension sleeves

    Care tips

    1. Your prosthetic sleeve must be carefully rolled on to the residual limb. Pulling will stretch and possibly damage your prosthetic sleeve.
    2. Carefully inspect your prosthetic liner and sleeve for tears or abrasions that may cause a loss of vacuum or suction.
    3. Sleeves should be washed weekly by hand. Dry the liner with a towel, and hang the sleeve to dry.  When your schedule is busy consider using a Prosthetic Wipe.
    4. Keep a supply of at least two good prosthetic sleeves, since BK sleeves need to be washed and dried weekly and replaced when damaged.
    5. Never store your sleeve folded in half, doing so will create a permanent crease
    6. Request that your prosthetist add a covering to the trimelines of your prosthetic socket and use a sleeve saver/gaitor to extend the life of your sleeves.


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