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Stump Shrinkers from

Prosthetic shrinkers for amputees have advanced in recent years.  Shrinker socks or sometimes referred to as amputee stump shrinkers or compression garments now contain fibers to control bacterial growth and temperature.  A few prosthetic brands incorporate silicone beads to keep your shrinker in place while you sleep. Amputee Store carries all major prosthetic manufacturers from Knit-Rite to Medi-USA to Juzo.  It's always a good idea and recommended by Prosthetist to purchase two so that you have a shrinker to wear while the other is being washed.  If you residual limb is hypersensitive than you many want to research a Fitting Lotion or Donning Tube.  Read our Prosthetic Shrinker Guide for more information.


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