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Discover the Benefits of Adding a Therapeutic Liner to Your Daily Routine

    Caring for your residual limb is essential for all-day comfort, especially if you use a prosthetic limb. One of the best ways to ensure residual limb health and comfort is by incorporating both hot and cold treatments. However, the typical hot-cold packs may not fully cover the residual limb, requiring more time and effort. This is why the Amputee Essentials Resilience Therapeutic Liner is a valuable addition to your care routine.

     Discover the benefits of adding a therapeutic liner to your daily routine.

    The Amputee Essentials Resilience Therapeutic Liner offers both hot and cold therapy options to enhance comfort and pain management. This liner is designed with a clinical-grade gel that stays flexible at all temperatures, ensuring consistent benefits.

    With cold therapy, the Therapeutic Liner reduces inflammation, swelling, and phantom limb sensations. Meanwhile, heat therapy with the Therapeutic Liner increases blood flow, alleviates stiffness, and promotes relaxation. It’s the ideal tool for pre- and post-workout routines or simply managing daily discomfort.

    Below, we break down how to make the most out of the Therapeutic Liner.

    Manage swelling and inflammation  

    Swelling is a common issue for people living with limb loss, particularly around the residual limb. Cold therapy is effective in reducing swelling and inflammation. Applying a cold pack for short periods during the day can help decrease blood flow to the area, reduce swelling, and provide relief. 

    Relieve pain  

    Individuals living with limb loss often experience both acute and chronic pain. Cold therapy can numb the painful area, providing immediate relief. On the other hand, hot therapy can soothe chronic pain by increasing blood circulation and relaxing muscle tissue around the prosthetic limb’s attachment points.

    Improve circulation  

    Optimal blood circulation is crucial for healing and maintaining the health of the residual limb. It can also accelerate the healing of any sores or irritations and is beneficial for overall skin health. Hot therapy can help with that.

    Enhance prosthetic comfort  

    The skin around the prosthetic limb can become irritated or sensitive due to friction and pressure. Alternating between hot and cold therapy can reduce discomfort, help manage skin irritation, and make wearing a prosthetic limb more comfortable.

    Muscle relaxation  

    Muscle spasms or tension may occur in the residual limb or the surrounding muscles as they adjust to the prosthetic limb. Heat therapy can help relax these muscles, easing discomfort and improving mobility.

    Preparing for physical therapy  

    Using a hot pack before physical therapy sessions can prepare the muscles for exercise, making them more pliable and reducing the risk of injury. It can also increase your comfort level during and after the therapy.

    Promote sleep  

    Pain and discomfort can significantly impact sleep quality. Applying a hot pack can help relax the body and soothe pain, promoting better sleep. This is especially helpful if you’re adjusting to a new prosthetic limb.

    How to use the Therapeutic Liner safely  

    Using hot and cold therapy correctly is crucial to prevent skin damage. Never apply the Therapeutic Liner directly to your skin; always use a prosthetic sock underneath and avoid wearing the liner within your prosthetic limb.

    To prevent frostbite and burns, limit application time to 15-20 minutes per session.

    Additionally, refrain from using it on sensitive skin or open wounds. If you have diabetes, neuropathy, or poor circulation, it’s best to consult your healthcare team before using the therapy. 

    The bottom line   

    Hot and cold packs are versatile tools that can be used at home, work, or on the go. They are a non-invasive and drug-free method of managing some of the challenges that come with living with a prosthetic limb.

    Although you can use a typical hot-cold pack, having the Amputee Essential Resilience Therapeutic Liner in your daily routine is a more convenient and effective way to care for your residual limb.