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Amputee Essentials Resilience Travel Skin Care Kit, 4 Products

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Amputee Essentials Resilience Travel Skin Care Kit, 4 Products



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  • Small travel 15ml packets of Amputee Essentials Resilience Collection
  • Each bottle contains enough product for 3-4 “Uses”
  • Perfect for traveling and TSA approved sizes
  • Easily fits in your pocket or travel bag and discard when packet is empty
  • Each Travel Packet is 15 ml
  • Travel skin care collection includes Ultra-Rich Moisturizer, Prosthetic Salve, Chafe Barrier, and Aftercare Soothing Gel
  • sold each, 4 Travel Packets
  • Manufactured in USA

Amputee Essentials Resilience Travel Skin Care collection was created as an all inclusive skin care kit to help you stay comfortable when traveling. This collection includes one 15ml Travel Packet of their Prosthetic Salve, Ultra-Rich Moisturizer, Chafe Barrier, Aftercare Soothing Gel and Fitting Lotion.

Prosthetic Salve offers targeted relief for at-risk skin ranging from already irritated skin to skin grafts. It provides a long-lasting protective barrier with ingredients that offer disinfectant, anti-bacterial and healing properties.

Ultra-Rich Moisturizer is an exceptional blend of skin softeners and essential oils that combine to create a non-greasy prosthetic moisturizer. This moisturizer spreads easily and helps prosthetic wearers regain a healthy, comfortable, and smooth texture to their skin. 

Chafe Barrier Cream is a non-greasy formula designed to form a silky, frictionless layer, preventing skin irritation from rubbing.

Aftercare Soothing Gel is perfect for night time use, allowing you to relax with a gentle cooling sensation delivered through a blend of nourishing oils, antioxidants, botanicals and Menthol.


Do not apply over open wounds or infected areas.


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