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Personal Care & Equipment

Personal Care & Equipment

Preventative care and maintenance is so important when trying preserve the integrity of your skin.  Optimal prosthetic socket shape and fit are crucial, however a daily skin care routine is essential for the long term health and comfort of your residual limb.  Discover prosthetic products to cleanse and moisturize your limb, as well as skin protectants to prevent skin irritation.

Personal Care & Equipment is where you'll find product ranging from prosthetic skin care to amputee aids for driving.  Discover Dry-Pro, an adaptive supply to waterproof your below-knee prosthesis before showering or walking on the beach.  Personalize  your prosthesis with cosmetic covers for suspension sleeves and foam covers.  We only carry amputee products from vetted and recognized Prosthetic Manufacturers.  To learn more about personal care products read our Prosthetic Personal Care Guide.


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