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Core Skincare Regimen Kit, 5 Products, Toiletry Kit Included

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Core Skincare Regimen Kit, 5 Products, Toiletry Kit Included

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Core Skincare Regimen Kit Description

Our core prosthetic skincare regimen kit gives you a foundational skincare routine with a daily and nightly cleanser, moisturizer, anti-perspirant, chafe cream and targeted salve. 

Each product in your prosthetic skincare kit includes quality ingredients like vitamins and plant extracts -- and most are free of damaging preservatives, animal byproducts, alcohol and perfumes.

What's Included

  • Complete Prosthetic Skincare Regimen
  • (1) Prosthetic Salve jar
  • (1) Chafe Barrier Cream tube
  • (1) Prosthetic Cleanser bottle
  • (1) Ultra-Rich Prosthetic Moisturizer tube
  • (1) Prosthetic Antiperspirant Spray bottle
  • (1) Hanging Toiletry Kit

Suggested Use

Skincare personalized to how you live.

From prosthetic use, skin type to skin health, all skin is different.  And all prosthetic users need bespoke skin care. 

We carefully curated the products in this skincare kit, asking ourselves when and in what order should each prosthetic skin care product be applied?  According to most board-certified dermatologists, applying your skin care products in the proper order ensures that your skin accepts the full benefits of each product's ingredients.

How to Apply

Your Daytime Regimen

Step 1: Chafe Barrier Cream

In the morning you can begin by applying a very thin layer of Chafe Barrier Cream.  This seals, protects and keeps your skin healthy. The idea is to lessen the potential for rubbing related blisters within your prosthetic socket.

Step 2: Spot Treatment

Grab your jar of Prosthetic Salve and lightly apply along any known problem areas. For example, along the top of your sleeve or liner, along the inner brim of an above-knee socket, and any boney areas. 

The precise amount of lubricating additives coupled with vitamins and plant extracts to get you through the day.  Prosthetic Salve is key to optimizing your skin's ability to manage stress.

Prosthetic Cleanser

Carry a travel size Resilience Prosthetic Cleanser spray bottle when on-the-go to quickly clean your prosthetic supplies and residual limb when the need arises, either when changing your prosthetic socks or trying to get relief from excessive sweating.

Your Nighttime Regimen

Step 1: Prosthetic Cleanser

Before bedtime, wash your leg and supplies with Resilience Prosthetic Cleanser, pH-balanced and perfectly suited for amputee life.

Step 2: Prosthetic Anti-perspirant

The ideal time to apply an antiperspirant is at night.  It gives this product plenty of time to work before morning.  Alps Prosthetic Antiperspirant is formulated with a higher Aluminum content; the active ingredient in antiperspirants.  Allow to dry for 30-45 seconds before moving onto step 3.

Step 3: Prosthetic Moisturizer

Most experts suggest the best time to apply a moisturizer is when the skin is still somewhat damp.  Meaning the sooner you apply your anti-perspirant the sooner you'll be able to lock in some critical hydration with Resilience Ultra-Rich Prosthetic Moisturizer.  Apply a thin layer of moisturizer.

Step 4: Spot Treatment

Applying a Prosthetic Salve will be your last step in restoring and protecting your skin barrier.  Resilience Prosthetic Salve contains ingredients that provide soothing, fungicidal, and disinfectant properties. This is key to maximizing your skin's heath.

Optional:  Apply a prosthetic shrinker to minimize size fluctuations of your residual limb and insuring a proper fit in the morning.

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