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Silipos - Innovative Prosthetic Gel Solutions

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Silipos - Innovative Prosthetic Gel Solutions from

Silipos products are manufactured in Niagara Falls, NY and sold to over 7,000 customers in 90 countries worldwide. With an uncompromising commitment to quality and product innovation, Silipos has consistently developed innovative solutions for the prosthetics community and skin care.

Within the medical community, Silipos is recognized for having the highest quality mineral oil gel based products. Their state of the art manufacturing facility in Niagara Falls, NY maintains the strictest quality control processes and procedures in the industry.

Silipos Prosthetic Gel products provide amputees with an unmatched level of comfort and confidence. Unlike silicone, Silipos mineral oil gels move with the skin and will not pull or irritate your residual limb. Moisturizing mineral oils are released from Silipos gels which aids in the reduction of scar tissue and helps with overall skin conditioning. Silipos offers a wide array of gel products that are sure to meet the needs of amputees ranging from prosthetic liners to distal end pads. Silipos prosthetic products are field tested with prosthetic experts in order to assure patient comfort and satisfaction.

Silipos Orthopedic Gels easily conform to the body ensuring a comfortable fit that cushions and protects. Silipos orthopedic products provide cushioning protection with the added benefit of skin moisturizing and conditioning when the gel is applied directly to the skin. Silipos orthopedic products offer easy to use solutions for a wide variety of ailments. From common prosthetic socket discomforts to post traumatic injuries, Silipos has a orthopedic product that can help improve your comfort level.

Silipos Skincare and Burn Care gels cushion and protect specific parts of the body against impact, pressure, and shear forces, while simultaneously releasing moisture-rich mineral oil that gently hydrates, softens, and conditions the skin without the use of additional creams or lotions. Advanced manufacturing capabilities allow Silipos to create a vast assortment of gels for a variety of prosthetic uses. Silipos gels provide washable and reusable, and with proper care will continue to release skin beneficial mineral oils throughout the life of the product.


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