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Your Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Staying Fresh this Summer

Posted by Bryan Potok, CPO on

The seemingly endless hot and humid days remind us that summer is definitely here. While ‘tis the season for enjoying a lot of outdoor activities, it is also the season that is associated with sweating and having to clean your prosthesis more.


Since life hinders us from hopping in the shower as often as we want, there’s the question of how to combat sweat and humidity as summer hits full force. Call us your bearer of good news as we give you hassle-free tips that can help you stay clean, fresh, and smelling good even without water.


Use shower wipes to clean your prosthesis.


One of the most underrated personal hygiene products is shower wipes. It is great for keeping yourself clean yourself even while you’re on-the-go. Shower wipes are probably the next best thing to a cold and refreshing shower, even trainers and athletes whip out shower wipes especially when they’re short on time. If it works for them, it will definitely work just fine for you.


Now you’re probably looking for the best shower wipes out there. We highly recommend hypoallergenic and pH balanced wipes that are perfect for your residual limb and prosthetic liners and sleeves. Opt for shower wipes that are alcohol-free and contain Vitamin E, so it's gentler on the skin. Most standard wipes in the market may contain parabens and other harmful chemicals, so choose refreshing sheets such as our Amputee Essentials Resilience Shower Wipes.


If you’re not convinced, we break down some of its best features:


  • It’s formulated with tea tree oil to naturally combat odors and prevent infections
  • It’s PH-neutral and alkali- and phosphate-free, making it safe to use with most prosthetic supplies (including liners from Ottobock, Alps South, OWW, Ossur, and Silipos)
  • It fits in your pocket—no messy sprays or bottles of liquid to carry around
  • While it’s made specifically for prosthetics, it’s also formulated to gently clean your skin
  • It’s alcohol- and paraben-free
  • It contains soothing aloe and vitamin E
  • It leaves skin clean, refreshed, and odor-free
  • Best of all, it’s easy to use. You only need to remove your prosthesis, then wipe your limb and prosthetic liner to feel fresh and clean.


When it’s time to have fun, sweating should be the least of your problems. So, we highly recommend pairing your cleansing routine with high-performing products that keep your limb and supplies clean.


A prosthetic antiperspirant can help you keep excessive sweat at bay. Bring extra prosthetic socks with you so you can easily change out of your sweat-soaked socks. Try the Liner-Liner prosthetic socks which will help wick sweat away and fight odors. Meanwhile, the Ultra-rich Prosthetic Moisturizer and Chafe Barrier Cream decreases friction and prevents blisters while keeping your skin moisturized and chafe-free.


Fill your anti-sweat kit with these products, and you will surely be ready for anything, from a client meeting to dinner with friends.

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  • I think liner liners need to be renamed. It’s confusing to have liners and a different product called liner liners. Maybe under-liners? Anyway, I wear grey cotton liner liners every day under my plastic liner. They absorb the sweat and protect my VERY sensitive skin from puckering and itching. Then, I throw them in the wash. With the excess sweat illuminated, my plastic liners and skin can easily be wiped off. Poof, I’m fresh before bed.

    Sherron on

  • Will let you know thanks ……….

    Graham on

  • I am in the middle of the summer and love these ideas because like you said, one cannot just hop into a shower at any time. Have ordered the wipes. Already have the anti-perspirant from another order. My socks go outside my liner so don’t think they would be helpful, and, everything else was. Keep up the good work!
    Dianne Thorington

    Dianne E Thorington on

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