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Turn Adversity Into Advantage With These Tips

    As humans, it’s natural to do everything to avoid uncertainty, hardships, and pain at all costs. This is because we are scared of things that we can’t control. But we often forget that we have been problem-solvers and decision-makers for millennia, which led us to where we are today.

     Turn adversities into your advantage with these tips.

    The truth about adversities or inconveniences is that it can prompt you to think in new ways and outgrow limiting beliefs about what you can do. So, take a page from every emotionally intelligent person’s book and internalize this: It is your resistance toward the challenge that keeps you from proceeding on your path, not the obstacle itself.

    So instead of resisting every obstacle you encounter, you can choose between two options: You can see it as a way to help you move forward or treat it as a stumbling block that keeps you from making progress. In these situations, you have power depending on the choice you make.

    The good news is that there are at least three strategies that can help you consciously shift your perspective.  

    Think beyond the present circumstance  

    We understand that this step can be difficult, especially when all you can see is the darkness of your current situation. However, try to widen your perception. Every challenge you encounter teaches you something about yourself.

    Ask the right questions  

    Dealing with adversities requires change from you, not the circumstances. The following questions can help you put things in the proper perspective: What is your current situation trying to teach you? How can you use this to your advantage? What kind of person would have to be to solve this?

    If you’re finding it difficult to answer these questions, having someone to talk to, ideally someone who walked the same path, can help. This is where amputee support groups, peer visits, and even talk therapy come in. 

    Take adversities as opportunities for personal growth  

    If life is a journey, personal growth is the best way to keep going. Adversities can strengthen your problem-solving capabilities by forcing you to develop new strategies, boost your willpower, improve your resilience, and sometimes, know when to let go.

    Think about your past experiences. When did you see real progress in your life? Was it when you avoided a challenge or when you faced it head-on?

    The bottom line  

    You can either face your problems with anxiety or with a sense of hope. Although it might be more difficult, you can get favorable results when you choose the latter.

    Learning to embrace the struggle helps develop your emotional intelligence. Find strength wherever it’s available to you, and you’ll see that you can overcome it.