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Runway of Dreams’ A Fashion Revolution 2022: Amputee Models to Watch Out For

    September is the much-awaited month in the fashion world. And at this year's New York Fashion Week (NYFW), the Runway of Dreams Foundation will hold its annual A Fashion Revolution show on September 12 at 6 pm at The Glasshouse, NYC.

     Runways of Dreams' A Fashion Revolution 2022 will feature more than a dozen designers showcasing their inclusive designs.

    Since its first show at the 2018 NYFW, Runway of Dreams has been the biggest day of the year for inclusive clothing. And this year's event is anticipated to be the biggest one yet, with more than a dozen designers showcasing their latest inclusive styles.

    Besides the designs, A Fashion Revolution will also feature up-and-coming amputee models. Some have already walked the runway, while others will be gracing it for the first time.

    Myles Berrio  

    A self-made real estate investor, Myles Berrio shares inspirational life quotes on his Instagram. In 2021, he shared a post, which he captioned: "Whatever happened, happened. It wasn't fair. Get up and get going." He was referring to an accident in 2020 when Berrio lost his left leg in a collision with a drunk driver. Now he's doing his best to move forward, leaving his old life behind.

    Since last year, Berrio has been representing the Australian brand Ryderwear. But for this year's NYFW, he'll be walking the runway in Tommy Adaptive designs. You can find out more about Berrio on his website and Instagram.

    Earl Granville  

    NYFW 2022 is Earl Granville's first foray into modeling. Although the Purple Heart recipient is no stranger to the spotlight as an advocate for adaptive athletes and wounded warriors, walking the runway is not his comfort zone. In an interview with Living With Amplitude, Granville shares that he gets teased a lot by his military buddies. 

    After NYFW, where he'll be wearing No Limbits designs, Granville will go back to raising awareness and funds for organizations like Warrior Strong, Operation Enduring Warrior, and Oscar Mike, as well as accepting speaking engagements. Learn more about Granville and his advocacies on his website and Instagram.

    Adrianne Haslet  

    Adrianne Haslet, an advocate for amputee rights, acclaimed ballroom dancer, and Boston Marathon bombing survivor, will be walking the runway as Stemwear's special guest. Haslet was instrumental in the recent creation of the first-ever para-athlete division at the Boston Marathon, where she ran this year, completing a 26-mile route on her prosthetic leg. Haslet is also a renowned public speaker and dabbles in fashion modeling, which she recently did for Vogue Japan. Find out more about Haslet on her website and Instagram.

    Michaela Metz  

    At nine years old, Michaela Metz graced the cover of Living With Amplitude's September-October 2019 edition. Now 12 years old, Metz is on a roll. Last summer alone, she danced her way into the Starpower talent search national finals and was featured in Target's back-to-school catalog. She also co-starred in an award-nominated short for the EasterSeals Disability Film Challenge.

    This year, Metz clinched a modeling gig with QK Kids Fashions, secured a spot on her school's varsity cheerleading squad, and joined another high-level dance competition. At Fashion Revolution, Metz will walk the runway in Kohls' designs. 

    Jaylyn Salcedo  

    Jaylyn Salcedo lost her leg in 2016 when she jumped in front of an oncoming subway train—her second attempt at committing suicide. However, she's been doing her best to live as well as possible despite being diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADHD), depression, and anxiety. In one of her Instagram posts, she wrote: "It's easy to beat yourself up for lack of motivation or productivity when the context isn't taken into consideration. This is the perfect opportunity to practice following the path of least resistance, to flow with all that's thrown at us, and have no doubts that by the end, we'll all be well." At A Fashion Revolution, Salcedo will be repping Stemwear. Follow her on Instagram.


    If you can’t attend the fashion show in person, you can watch it online at Runway of Dreams’ YouTube channel.