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No Luck Swiping? Take a Cue from this Double Amputee's Book

Posted by Bryan Potok, CPO on

In 2017, Mandy Horvath from Colorado made headlines as her dark sense of humor garnered her many dating offers on Tinder. A double amputee who lost her legs in a train accident, the then-24-year-old biology student turned to humor to not only find love but also to make her recovery a lot easier. 

Mandy Horvath credits her humor for helping her cope with limb loss and getting dates on Tinder.Image courtesy of

In her interview for The Sun UK, Horvath shared that she coped with the loss of both her legs by constantly joking about being an amputee. She then realized that she could translate her humor on her dating profile and connect with people her unique way.

What sparked her confidence to join the online dating world was a YouTube video about dating as a disabled woman. This was a massive leap for Horvath as she completely avoided dating after her amputation. Those first few years were marked by feelings of nervousness and self-consciousness.

Her impactful humor was in full force in her Tinder bio where she described herself as a “stand-up comedian” and assured potential dates that she’ll “never run away” when things get tough. This approach helped her break the ice, and it allowed people to view her as an individual rather than someone with a disability.

Mandy Horvath's Tinder bio says she'll never run away from her dates.



Mandy Horvath's awesome Tinder profile led more men to "swipe right."

Image courtesy of

Horvath lost her legs in 2014. She turned to Tinder in 2017 and found a lot of awesome friends, many of whom she keeps in contact with regularly. 
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  • I am an above knee amputee, I make jokes all day about my self it helps. god bless you stay strong. I’m not walking yet just started rehab. I will someday.

    Barry Anderson on

  • But have you seen my 2019 tinder? 🤣 thanks for the article!!

    Mandy Horvath on

  • Quad Amputee- dual BK Amputee, right hand Be, Left side Palm no fingers-Sense of Humor a Must. I can run, jump, play catch, piano with hook and palm,
    Get around easily always exercising for strength, mobility, physical endurance, and attractive body sense of Humor a must with also outgoing personality, OH WELL Life is too short to be miserable! Peter

    Peter Coulombe on

  • I have a pos outlook evefy day, I thank the man above when I wake up and when wife wakes up I thank him again. I laugh more than 5 people in a day im told. I lost mine @4 yr ago, got my 1st leg on friday had 0 rehab and was cut grass nxt day, scared shit outta wife, ha ha . STAY POS. 1/2 FULL GLASS AND SON .

    Gary on

  • Mandy.
    Read the article. Very encouraging.
    Our daughter Jenny had her accident at age of 9 years.
    She is now 50 years old. She is oldest of 6. Big sister type.
    Nothing has stopped her from doing everything. Has 3 children
    Encourages everyone all the time.
    Has a sense of humor. Tough as nails.
    Coaches girls volleyball, basketball in her spare time.
    Sports is good out for doing things. Marathons are something to do if you like
    it. You might like counseling kids as a profession, or be a teacher.
    On this website they have prosthetic’s for skiing if you ever want to try it.
    I have a friend that has a son that can drive a van with controls for handicap and get in and out on his
    It is a big world Mandy. Go for it. There is nothing you can’t do.
    Don’t was a minute of it.

    Richard Dickherber on

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