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Why You May Want to Check Out Freedom's Waterproof Computer Foot and Knee Duo

    Summer could mean all sorts of things for different people. But most will spend a majority of their remaining summer time with family either at the beach or by the pool. This means basking under the sun while enjoying sandwiches and fresh fruit juice. You might want to take a dip, but water-sensitive prosthetics can get in the way of experiencing everything that summer has to offer.

    Prosthetic computer knee and foot by Freedom Innovations.

    This is why Freedom Innovations developed two computer-controlled waterproof products that will help you enjoy the water worry-free: Kinnex and Plie-3—the foot and knee duo that are both convenient and perfect for any situation all year round.

    Plie-3: The Computer-Controlled Knee

    The new Plie-3 is not only made with more durable material but is also submersible. It is a microprocessor controlled (MPC) knee that responds over 10 to 20 times quicker than other microprocessor controlled knees; making it the fastest that is available on the market.
    A core feature that you might love about this product is its extremely responsive stumble and fall protection. Moving at your own pace and in any direction is fundamental to having the ultimate mobile experience. This allows users to navigate through confined spaces easily. It also makes taking short tiny steps feel natural. Another convenient feature is how the batteries are interchangeable. It'll really help during those long drives to the beach.
    The Plie-3 is also built to be user-friendly. Its intuitive software will guide the users through the process of setting up the device. The computer-controlled knee is also equipped with Gait and Cadence Analysis, which can show users the speed and patterns of the users' movements.
    Best of all, it's waterproof so users can submerge it in shallow water for up to 30 minutes at a time. However, experts don’t recommend using the machine if you plan to stay for hours at a time in the water.

    Kinnex: The Computer-Controlled Foot

    Meanwhile, the Kinnex marries flexibility and durability. It is composed of the fastest responding microprocessor ankle/foot technology and carbon fiber. Combining these elements provides a positive impact on the machine’s active walkers, giving the user the stability he/she needs instantly. The combination of these technologies means that users can navigate varying terrain with ease and comfort.
    In fact, because of its 30 degrees microprocessor controlled motion (20 of it plantar and 10 of it dorsi), the user can now traverse through different natural obstacles smoothly (i.e., ramps, slopes, irregular terrain, even stairs!). The motion helps reduce socket pressures internally which makes sitting, squatting, and standing even more comfortable than before. Also, the manual lock makes it quick for users to lock the ankle for when they have to drive, for example. Its heel height can also be adjusted up to 2 inches.
    Much like the Plie-3, the Kinnex also has an app, the Kinnex GaitLab App, which makes it easier for the prosthetist to set up the machine with the patient. Consequently, the Kinnex Patient App allows the user to check on the machine's battery status, customize heel adjustments, choose shoes, as well as personalize performance and comfort settings.

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