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Conquer Various Terrains With the Odyssey K3 Foot

    As a follow-up to its successful Odyssey K2 prosthetic foot, prosthetic manufacturer College Park released the Odyssey K3, its latest hydraulic foot iteration. It features a patented curved hydraulic cylinder, carbon-fiber foot base, dual stride control, and unrivaled weight for a hydraulic foot.

     The Odyssey K3 is perfect for low to moderate activities.

    The Odyssey K2 offers extraordinary results for many prosthetic users. One of its most popular features, the customizable dual stride control, is also available in the new K3 version. The customizable dual stride control allows you to independently adjust the plantar and dorsiflexion valves, making it perfect for in-office tuning. This feature helps improve gait and optimize energy return.

    Among the features that set the Odyssey K3 apart from other prosthetic feet on the market is its patented curved hydraulic system, which only has one pivot point. This feature brings a smooth rollover throughout your walking stride, ensuring natural movement. And having one pivot point means fewer moving parts in the prosthetic foot, ensuring less trips to your prosthetist for repairs. This feature alone can help you make the most out of the Odyssey K3.

    Weighing only 750g, the Odyssey K3 is 70g lighter than the average prosthetic foot. The foot height is at 3.4 inches, making it 20% lower than the typical prosthetic foot.

    The Odyssey K3 is perfect for low to moderate activities, such as walking on pavement, multi-terrain hiking on the weekends, or playing racquetball. The prosthetic foot’s more robust ankle housing plus its carbon composite foot base makes it perfect for these activities. All the elements work together to provide a smooth gait that seamlessly and naturally adapts to different speeds and terrains.

    If you’re looking for a smooth, everyday prosthetic foot, the Odyssey K3 is an excellent choice.