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Staying Confident During Tough Times

    Being 100% confident every minute of every day is impossible. There will be days when you feel down, and you can't muster up the courage and the energy to be confident. That's okay. After all, tough times and setbacks are a part of life.

     Staying confident during tough times.

    If your confidence has taken a beating lately, it's essential to take steps to get it back one step at a time. This is one of the best things you can do for yourself and the people around you.

    Do something for yourself.  

    What makes you feel good? Is it in finding the time to move or work out every day? Do you feel a sense of accomplishment when you do your morning and evening routines? Whatever it is, do it. Feeling good about yourself is an important factor in boosting your confidence during tough times.

    Improve your mindset with daily affirmations.  

    Words are powerful, especially the words that you tell yourself. If you're not sure where to start, you might want to try telling yourself the following throughout the day:

    "I am doing my best."

    "I choose to be happy and to love myself today."

    "I will not worry about things I cannot control."

    "I will be kind to myself and others today."

    "I am grateful for all that I have."

    Visualize your confident version.  

    Focus on what it will feel like to be that confident person. How do you think your confident version feels? How does he/she react in certain situations?

    Using visualization techniques can help you feel confident in situations where you would typically be nervous and scared. So, ask yourself: What would your confident version do?

    Keep a confidence journal.  

    Keep track of your successes and every little thing that gave you a boost of confidence. You can write these down in a notebook, or you can keep a document on your phone. Keeping track of your victories can help boost your confidence. It can also lift your mood whenever you feel down. 

    Use social media to interact with others.  

    Although social media is not the first thing you think about when you want to boost your confidence, it has its benefits. Just make sure not to spend too much time on it and listen to yourself. Stop if you notice that you're comparing yourself with others' highlight reel.  

    If you're extremely shy or introverted, using social media wisely can help boost your confidence as you re-discover non-intimidating ways to interact with others and forge deeper connections with friends and family.

    Take a step back when you need to breathe.  

    Going beyond your comfort zone can be overwhelming, so don't hesitate to step back if you need some time alone. Boosting your self-confidence is not about transforming into an extrovert if you aren't one. It also doesn't mean that you have to keep pushing yourself every minute of the day.

    So, take a walk alone, or binge-watch your favorite show while putting your phone on silent. Stepping back allows you to reflect on your progress, so you're ready to do it again the next day.


    We don't have any control over the tough times and the bad days. While it sucks to feel down, it also allows you to appreciate the good times better. Plus, getting through a rough patch can also be confidence-boosting. So, take the highs with the lows, and live life one moment at a time.