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This Curler Uses A Prosthetic Arm on the Ice

    Resilience, adaptability, and unwavering determination are essential to succeeding in any endeavor, but they are even more important for an adaptive athlete.

     Curler Carly Smith uses a specially designed prosthetic arm when playing.

    Despite being born without a left arm above the elbow, Carly Smith, a 20-year-old curler from the University of New Brunswick (UNB), has been curling since the age of six. She has always been able to adapt to challenges and find her way around them, like developing her own technique for balance without leaning on her broom when she first started curling.  

    While Smith has felt welcome on the ice, she shared in an interview with CTV News that getting stared at has made her feel uncomfortable off the ice, especially back when she was a child. Now, she has grown more comfortable in her own skin and understands that people only stare at her because they are curious. Today, Smith also takes the initiative to approach people who stare and engage them in conversation about her condition.

    Smith has been on the UNB curling team for three years, and their captain, Jenna Campbell, praises her for her accuracy and adaptability. Smith uses a specially designed prosthetic arm that allows her to switch between using her broom and a stabilizer while throwing the rocks. The prosthetic arm was designed by a team at The Atlantic Clinic for Upper Limb Prosthetics, located on the UNB campus.

    Heather Daley, a prosthetist at the clinic, expressed joy in seeing Smith’s hard work and their efforts come to life during a game. Smith’s positive attitude and determination have inspired her to pursue a degree in Kinesiology with the goal of becoming an occupational therapist. She finds motivation in inspiring others and is committed to staying true to herself.

    Smith’s story shows that technology and innovation can enable individuals with limb loss and limb difference to pursue their passions. We hope that her journey not only exemplifies her strength but also serves as a source of motivation for others facing similar obstacles.