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Silipos Silosheath: What It Is and How to Use It

    Prosthetic sheaths are one of the most underrated prosthetic gear you can have at your disposal. Sheaths can reduce friction, wick sweat, and help keep the valves inside a vacuum setup free from lint.

    A lower limb amputee mannequin showcases the Silipos Silosheath gel sheath which is available at Amputee Store.

    If you’re looking for a good prosthetic sheath brand, we recommend the ones by Silipos. They are known for trying to change the category by introducing nylon sheaths that incorporate mineral oil gel. The product line is called Silosheath.

    When to use a Silosheath 

    Wearing a prosthesis can mean that your comfort level can change hourly on some days. Many times, especially on hot days or after a long 8-10 hour workday, you'll feel a hot spot within your prosthetic socket. This is typically related to the shrinking of your limb, which allows extra movement that translates into increased friction and decreased comfort. 

    Many amputees will add a Silosheath in the morning because they know that, without a gel sheath, they will start to feel those hot spots by mid-day. The sheath’s mineral oil gel component provides additional comfort as it is formulated to absorb friction, keeping your skin comfortable. It also contains Vitamin E, which naturally nourishes skin and reduces the chances of skin breakdown.

    However, if there are any existing potential hot spots, you can apply a prosthetic salve on the area before donning a Silosheath. Ideally, a Silosheath should be worn close to your skin. But if you also prefer to wear a prosthetic liner, you can don the Silosheath over the liner or underneath if you opt for the Silosheath Original.

    What are the differences between styles

    In recent years, Silipos has expanded the Silosheath product line to include Original, Double Cushion, and Extra Life.

    Silosheath Original

    The Silipos Silosheath Original version is an excellent alternative to the standard prosthetic sheath. It is made with 2-ply Silipos medical grade mineral oil gel and nylon outer material. This style works best underneath your prosthetic gear and against your skin to better fight energy-robbing friction and effectively protect your skin.

    Silosheath Double Cushion

    The Silipos Silosheath Double Cushion is essentially the same as the Original except for the extra millimeter of gel at the bottom end. If your limb typically shrinks along the calf area as the day progresses, the added gel along the bottom can work wonders. 

    The extra gel also acts as additional padding if the bottom of your limb is hypersensitive or bony. If these areas are not protected along with the bottom of your limb, further shrinking will only accelerate friction.

    Silosheath Extra Life

    The Silipos Silosheath Extra Life variant is essentially the Original but with a nylon cover on the inside. This is perfect for those who don’t like the feeling of gel against their skin. Silipos dubbed this variant Extra Life because the interior nylon will extend the life of the mineral gel and prevent it from delaminating. 

    If you need the extra protection from friction, you should consider the Original because this style will absorb more friction, albeit you're losing the durability of having two layers of nylon.

    How do you manage friction? And have you ever tried any of the gel products we offer? Share your comments and advice in the comments section below.