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Trias Prosthetic Foot: Closer To Nature’s Design

    If you’re considering upgrading your current prosthetic foot, you might want to check out Ottobock’s Trias 1C30. It boasts a structure similar to the human foot, and its combination of lightweight construction and creative design makes it one intelligent and reliable prosthetic foot.

     Ottobock’s Trias 1C30 has a structure similar to the human foot.

    The prosthetic foot features conjoined double spring components that dampen the impact of everyday movement and enable a practically natural rollover with exceptional energy return.

    And since the Trias 1C30 is structurally similar to a human foot, it offers prosthetic users unparalleled support, especially in controlled movement patterns. It also accommodates different surfaces and varying walking speeds, making it the perfect prosthetic foot for daily life.  

    Aesthetic-wise, the Trias 1C30 features a visually appealing solution with a footshell and a connection cap. The footshell has slim and regular versions as well as two colors and two heel heights. These features, combined with the sleek carbon look, contribute to the attractive design.

    Depending on the foot size, this prosthetic foot can support a bodyweight of up to 276lbs.  (125kg.) If you’re considering the Trias 1C30, please consult your prosthetist. They can better inform you of the prosthetic foot’s compatibility with your unique needs.