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Ottobock Adds 2 New Prosthetic Feet to Its Taleo Line

    Ottobock introduced two new additions to their Taleo foot line—Taleo Harmony and Taleo Vertical Shock (VS).

     Ottobock adds Taleo Harmony and Taleo Vertical Shock to their Taleo foot line.

    The Taleo line is designed for active individuals who always navigate various outdoor and indoor environments. All prosthetic feet under this line are intended to provide a comfortable and fluid stride. Taleo feet are known for being energy-efficient, so you don’t feel fatigued at the end of the day. Those who use Taleo prosthetic feet enjoy the seamless rollover they experience, from heel strike to toe-off.

    The Taleo VS is designed for active individuals who need residual limb relief from torque. This prosthetic foot features a unique functional ring unit that absorbs torsion—supporting the natural way your leg rotates as it moves—to relieve your residual limb. This feature also reduces skin irritation from friction. With vertical shock absorption of up to 15mm, the Taleo VS cushions the impact you feel when walking or going up and down the stairs.  

    Meanwhile, the Taleo Harmony is a viable option for those looking for firm control over their prosthetic limbs throughout the day using vacuum. It features an integrated vacuum pump, which compensates for residual limb changes throughout the day, reducing the risk of falling and improving balance. It also reduces pistoning, so prosthetic users have better control and a firmer hold over their prosthetic limbs.

    Current prosthetic users report saying “goodbye to knee pain” (Taleo VS); some say that they can now “take those small turns and steps” (Taleo Harmony). They also say that walking with either new Taleo prosthetic foot feels “so soft and smooth.” 

    Have you tried anything from Ottobock’s Taleo line? What do you think of these new prosthetic foot additions?