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Mindset Is Key for This Double-Amputee Teen Softball Player

    Thirteen-year-old softball player Addison Benson doesn't let anything get in her way of playing softball, even when she's trying to keep her balance running on her two prosthetic limbs.

     For double-amputee softball player Addison Benson, mindset is everything.

    Benson lost her legs at two years old after a lawnmower mishap. Despite the challenges she met when learning to play softball, Benson said her mother never let her give up. 

    In an interview with KTVQ during the Falls Fusion Classic Fast Pitch 2021 softball tournament in Great Falls, Benson admitted that the hurdles she had to deal with were quite challenging, like running after a ball or keeping her balance. But she credits her family for encouraging her to push through the difficulties. She said it made her a better player.

    Benson's mother is hugely proud of her. In an interview with KTVQ, she said that seeing her daughter out on the field and trying to do things, even those she hasn't done before is amazing. But to see her daughter excel and enjoy the game is fulfilling for her as a parent.

    Benson hopes that her story will inspire others to step up to the plate and face their challenges. She has this piece of advice: "Chase your dreams…. Don't let anybody tell you that you can't do it because if you push yourself, you absolutely can."

    Benson hopes to go on to play softball in high school. She also runs track and is interested in basketball.