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Rush Rogue Dynamic Prosthetic Foot

    For the utmost comfort in your prosthetic socket during all levels of use, you might want to consider the Rush Rogue Foot. It’s the perfect choice for prosthetic users who want torsion relief and easing the load in the joints and prosthetic socket.

     Rush Rogue prosthetic foot is designed to provide the most realistic and dynamic foot and ankle motion on any terrain.

    Rush Rogue, manufactured by Proteor USA, is designed to provide the most realistic and dynamic foot and ankle motion on any terrain. It features a Vertical Loading Pylon (VLP), which will not only benefit high-activity users but all prosthetic users who need could benefit from minimizing the jarring force that occurs with every step.

    Without sufficient shock absorption during walking, it's not uncommon to experience lower back pain and knee discomfort. Users of the Rush 87 may find this latest model a considerable upgrade because of the VLP feature.

    The prosthetic foot also features +/- 8 degrees of rotation in the transverse plane, which can reduce socket related discomfort when pivoting.  In addition to the VLP, this feature makes the Rush Rogue Foot the most comfortable foot in Proteor’s current foot lineup.

    Furthermore, both features help preserve your energy while performing your favorite activities. Moreover, as the Rush Rogue Foot is waterproof, you don’t have to worry about getting your prosthetic limb wet.

    The Rush Rogue Foot features smooth roll-through characteristics, which provides exceptional energy return with no “dead spot.” This is because the ankle is designed according to biomimetic principles, which allows the prosthetic foot to simulate a biological foot.

    Made from practically indestructible glass composite that is two times more flexible than standard carbon fiber, the Rush Rogue allows prosthetic users to push themselves—and the prosthetic foot—to the limits.

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