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Össur Unity Vacuum System: An Elevated Vacuum System for All Users

    An elevated vacuum system describes a style of suspension that prevents excessive motion and pistoning within your socket using a vacuum pump. To date, above-knee amputees have been left out of the prosthetic elevated vacuum revolution, not because they would not benefit from the technology. Instead, the fault lies in the existing systems—which have been dependent upon a sleeve to maintain vacuum—were not suitable for above-knee applications.  

     The Össur Unity Vacuum System is an elevated vacuum system that can accommodate all types of prosthetic users.

    Össur boasts "Unity for All" with their Unity Sleeveless Vacuum System. There is finally an elevated vacuum system for all prosthetic users. Whether an above-knee or below-knee, low active, or high active, mechanical, or microprocessor solution, the Unity Sleeveless Vacuum System offers the flexibility to combine a variety of Össur feet and knees to achieve the optimal combination of equipment for each unique user. 

    Most stable suspension

    Össur’s latest sleeveless vacuum system also makes for one of the most stable prosthetic suspension systems ever produced. In comparison to a vacuum system that employs a prosthetic sleeve, the Unity is not laden with restrictions that may occur with a sleeved suspension. Generally, users report a greater feeling of stability and confidence with the Unity over other suspension technologies, including suction.

    A first-of-its-kind vacuum system

    The Unity is also a first-of-its-kind vacuum system that pulls the vacuum in the socket using the energy created by the natural motion of the prosthetic foot. The heel pad and the carbon foot work together to pull and expand the pump mechanism membrane between the prosthetic foot’s carbon struts. When the membrane expands for any reason, the air is pulled from your prosthetic socket. Check valves near the center of the foot ensure that no air returns to the socket while walking.

    Who can benefit from it?

    Although all types of lower-limb amputees can use the Unity, prosthetic users who experience excessive sweating, volume stability issues, and long residual limbs can largely benefit from this vacuum system.

    Experiencing improved suspension and fit can make it easier to feel where your leg is in space, as well as improve the symmetry of your walking. 

    Additional features

    While the features mentioned above are enough to convince most amputees to get their own Unity, there are a few more additional features that should be highlighted.

    Össur’s Unity Vacuum System features a tri-function valve that connects quickly for a secure hold and releases with a single push of a button.   

    Do you currently wear an Össur Unity Vacuum System? If yes, can you offer the community any insight and your experiences? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.