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Man Overcomes Double Amputation Challenges, Returns to Work

    After battling life-threatening pneumonia and COVID-19, Howard Young has become a source of strength and inspiration for many in Sarasota, Florida. He emerged from the experience as a person living with double lower limb loss. Still, Young is determined to overcome the daunting challenges that life throws his way, even returning to work less than a year after his amputation surgery.  

     Howard Young overcomes double amputation challenges and returns to work less than a year after surgery.

    Before his life-altering amputations, Young was an important member of the “dream team” at the City of Sarasota’s Solid Waste Division. However, in 2020, he caught pneumonia and COVID-19, which plunged him into a coma for two and a half months. Complications arising from his Type 2 diabetes resulted in blood clots in his legs, which required the loss of both legs below the knee.

    Although waking up as a double amputee was a jarring experience, Young was determined to reclaim his mobility. He wanted to be able to continue to support his wife and daughter, so he embarked on the painful process of learning how to walk again, undergoing rehabilitation at the Hanger Clinic. His perseverance paid off as he transitioned from the wheelchair to prosthetic legs. In less than a year, Young was able to return to work.

    Young’s progress strengthened his belief that perseverance conquers all obstacles. In an interview with Fox 13 News, he said he believed in persevering, fighting for what one wants, and never losing one’s spirit.

    Now that he’s back at work, Young has set his sights on achieving a new milestone: driving the garbage truck again.

    Through his remarkable recovery, Young serves as an inspiration to his colleagues. “Never give up on yourself and your surrounding community because there’s always someone out there who’s going to fight for you. You just have to fight for yourself first,” he said.