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Improve Prosthetic Fittings With Adapttech's INSIGHT System

    Prosthetic fittings will soon become easier and more accurate as Adapttech, a British-Portuguese biomedical company, prepares to launch a prosthetic fitting system in the US after successful user testing in Europe. The system, called INSIGHT, will make socket fittings more data-driven and offer the ability to monitor a patient's rehabilitation process. The system looks promising as the company released the initial results of user testing.

     Adapttech's INSIGHT system improves prosthetic fittings.

    INSIGHT is comprised of laser scanning, wearable technology, and a mobile app. The laser scanning creates a precise 3D model of a prosthetic socket's inner surface in under 90 seconds. The wearable technology gathers biodata and identifies problematic points during the fitting. Meanwhile, the mobile app allows prosthetists to track their patients' history and their fitting process through the entire rehabilitation phase. Simply put, the system tracks possible prosthetic issues even before the prosthetic user notices anything.

    Initial results were gathered from the first five out of the 20 participants. It showed improved patient satisfaction scores from all five. Two of the five participants saw an improvement in their Amputee Mobility Predictor with Prosthetic scores, moving from K-level 3 to K-level 4 activity level.

    The outcome study is currently ongoing at De La Torre Orthotics and Prosthetics, Pittsburgh, and Prosthetics & Orthotic Associates, Middletown, New York.