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Enjoy Effortless Walking With the Taleo Side Flex 1C58

    Most unilateral lower-limb amputees have experienced the discomfort of having the body adjust to wearing a prosthetic leg, like making compensatory movements that lead to tight, aching muscles and even lower back pain and expending more energy to walk. Ottobock’s Taleo Side Flex 1C58 is designed to address those concerns.

     Enjoy effortless walking with the Ottobock Taleo Side Flex 1C58 prosthetic foot.

    Terrain adaptation  

    Ottobock designed the Taleo Side Flex 1C58 to allow the user to walk effortlessly and enhance prosthetic socket comfort. One of the prosthetic foot’s best features is the Terrain Adaptation Unit, which ensures secure, full-surface ground contact even when standing or walking on uneven surfaces and side slopes.

    The Terrain Adaptation Unit also has a curved bottom, enabling more controlled forward movement during rollover than wearing a low-profile prosthetic foot with a conventional foot adapter. This feature alone allows you to stop worrying about making the correct movements and fully concentrate on one’s surroundings. If you enjoy hiking, then this foot is for you.

    Enjoy enhanced prosthetic socket comfort  

    Some people find repeated side loads on the prosthetic socket or knee, irritating. Fortunately, the Taleo Side Flex 1C58 is also designed to address that. The prosthetic foot has exceptional lateral adaptation to various terrains, and its carbon foot is intended to reduce tilting, which can be uncomfortable for the user.

    This prosthetic foot also supports three different heel wedges, which reduces impact and optimizes gait dynamics, making the entire experience of using the foot a comfortable one for the user.  

    Use the prosthetic foot however you like  

    If you are an active individual and find yourself in various environments, you might have been looking for a prosthetic foot that complements your lifestyle. Ottobock designed the Taleo Side Flex 1C58 with drainage holes in the prosthetic footshell, preventing water from collecting in the interior of the prosthetic limb. The prosthetic foot is also protected against potentially damaging chlorine, salt, and fresh water exposure.

    All these features allow you to walk where you want to and move however you want to move. Whether you’re standing on swaying ground or moving in confined spaces, the Taleo Side Flex 1C58 allows you to live your life with fewer compensating movements.

    Who can use the Taleo Side Flex 1C58?  

    Ottobock recommends the prosthetic foot to lower-limb amputees with a K3 level. The K3 classification means that a person can typically move about within the community setting and traverse most environmental barriers. A K3 level person may also have therapeutic, vocational, or exercise activity that demands prosthetic use beyond simple walking.  

    The Taleo Side Flex 1C58 prosthetic foot can support a maximum weight of 130 kg or 287 lbs. Please contact your prosthetist for more information.