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Silipos Silosheath Sheath, Original, Double Cushion, Extra Life

by Silipos


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Silipos Silosheath Sheath, Original, Double Cushion, Extra Life

by Silipos



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  • Silosheaths available in 2 or 3 ply thickness, provides a cushy gel replacement for conventional socks
  • Silipos Silosheath gel thickness is 2mm unless you need more gel cushion than you should opt for the 3mm Double Cushion silosheath option
  • Patented Silipos medical grade mineral oil gel moisturizes and conditions your skin.
  • Available in 4 different styles to suit your unique needs; Original, Double Cushion, Extra Life and Antibacterial
  • Silipos recommends wearing these Silosheaths at night to benefit from the mineral oil gel’s scar management and skin conditioning benefits
  • Helps minimize skin breakdown
  • Washable and reusable
  • Made in the USA

Silipos Silosheath Double Cushion, Original & Extra Life are classified under prosthetics sheaths because their main purpose as a sheath is to help manage friction between your skin, amputee socks and prosthetic socket. Silipos Silosheath takes friction management one step further and incorporates their patented gel material to create a gel sheath that adds protection from abrasions as well as shock absorption. Increase your prosthetic comfort and use a Silipos Gel Roll-On underneath.

Silipos Silosheath Extra Life, Original & Double Cushion are extremely durable because their patented gel is now bonded to a resilient fabric that is washable, reusable and resists gel delamination. If your residual limb has a unique shape or you’re in-between sizes this gel sheath has tremendous stretch that can accommodate nearly all above and below knee amputation shapes and size. Diabetics or those amputees with sensitive skin should seriously consider the silosheath because of its new flat, form-fitting seam. This is an important feature because after wearing a prosthesis for 8-10 hours with socks that have raised seams you may experience irritation underneath the seam area.

The Silipos Silosheath Original is now the standard Silosheath model.

  • 2 Ply Prosthetic Sheath
  • 2 mm gel
  • Single outer nylon cover

The Silipos Silosheath Double Cushion provides extra gel cushion compared to the Original Silosheath model. Laminated with an extra layer of the patented tri-block polymer gel at the bottom end of the sheath to help with dissipating pressure and shear forces.

  • 2 Ply Prosthetic Gel Sheath
  • 3 mm gel along the bottom of the sheath for boney protrusions or sensitive areas
  • Single outer nylon cover

The Silipos Silosheath Extra Life is considered by Silipos as being more durable than the Original, Double Cushion and Antimicrobial Silosheaths. The Extra Life Silosheath durability comes from incorporating two layers of fabric that sandwich the mineral oil gel lining. Amputees who will prefer the Silosheath Extra Life Life are those that experience greater friction issues within their sockets and/or prefer a nylon layer between their skin and Silipos gel lining.

  • 3 ply Prosthetic Gel Sheath
  • 2mm gel thickness
  • Increased durability using 2 Nylons; reason why Silipos called it Silosheath Extra Life
  • Higher level of friction, shearing and abrasion protection

Medical Grade Mineral Oil Gel

Directions for Use

When putting on your Silosheath, roll the Silosheath up from the bottom instead of pulling on. (Note: In some cases, because of residual limb conditions, it may be advisable to wear a plain sheath under the Silosheath.) To remove your Silosheath, roll your Silipos Silosheath from the top down.

  • Under Urethane or Silicone liner during the day for Skin Protection and Conditioning 
  • At Nighttime, Alone, for Skin Conditioning and Scar Management
  • After Removing Prosthesis for Compression Control for Vascular Patients
  • Excellent for Skin Graft Patients
Care Instructions

Silipos recommends that the Silosheath be hand washed with mild soap and water after each use. No Bleach. After washing, pat excess water off with a towel and lay flat to air dry 24-36 hours. It is not advisable to wear or store your Silosheath when damp. A foam insert has been provided to maintain the original shape of the Silosheath. Reinsert the foam for storage when not in use. Silipos suggests inserting foam into the Silosheath when not in use. Silipos also suggests inserting the foam into the Silosheath when the sheath is dry.


Do not place your Silipos Silosheath on an open wound. If irritation, discomfort or poor circulation occurs, discontinue use and notify your physician or Prosthetist immediately. Do not wear a Silosheath for more than 20 hours daily.

Silipos Product Numbers
Size Silosheath Original Silosheath Double Cushion Silosheath Extra Life
Size 1 13315 13415 13815
Size 2 13325 13425 13825
Size 3 13335 13435 13835
Size 4 13345 13445 13845
Size 5 13355 13455 13855
Size 6 13365 13465 13865
Size 7 13375 13475 13875
Size 8 13385 13485 13885


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