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Bodybuilding Legend Aims to Be in the Best Shape Possible After Leg Amputation

Posted by Bryan Potok on

It may take a lot for a person living with limb loss to resume an active lifestyle, but it isn't impossible. Bodybuilding legend Flex Wheeler is proof of that as he took to Instagram to document his recovery process.

Bodybuilding legend Flex Wheeler aims to be in the best shape after leg amputation.

Widely known as one of the best bodybuilders of all time, Wheeler shares his self-imposed fitness challenge: to get into "the best shape possible" by his 55th birthday on August 23. To achieve that goal, Wheeler shows up at the gym every day. He shows his almost 600,000 followers on his Instagram account how he has adapted his fitness routine without putting too much stress on his body.

He shows how he works out on a leg press with his left sound leg and right prosthetic leg on some of his recent posts. Another video also shows Wheeler using an elliptical at a constant fluid pace.



On June 14, he posted a video of him walking on his prosthetic leg with the following caption:

"Every step I take is incredibly painful and extremely rewarding. I will continue pushing myself until I'm back to a normal lifestyle. I'm looking forward to resuming my schedule, traveling globally, and inspiring the world."

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I WILL WALK AGAIN .. : : : Every step I take is incredibly painful and extremely rewarding. : : : I will continue pushing myself until I’m back to a normal lifestyle. I’m looking forward to resuming my schedule, traveling globally and inspiring the world.. : : : Now, it’s go time 🔥Time to get back in shape. I have set a goal to be in the best shape possible by my 55th birthday August 23. Join me 🖤 : : : I was built for this 🙏🏾 : : Thx you @jimmy.colson @popprosthetics #nevergiveup #legend #blessed #godisgood #amputeelife #fit #pain #neuropathy

A post shared by IFBB LEGEND FLEX WHEELER (@officialflexwheeler) on In October 2019, Wheeler underwent an emergency surgery, which led to a below-knee amputation of his right leg. Before the amputation, his medical team tried their best to save the leg through medication and surgery. Still, the leg had become excruciating, affecting his ability to walk and exercise.


On June 19, Wheeler posted a throwback video taken after a groundbreaking procedure that aimed to save his right leg. "I had endured such pain for over a year to the date of this video. I didn't hesitate to tell the doctors to amputate my leg. The choices were to lose my leg or my life. I'm so happy to still be amongst the living," he wrote.

Aside from being an International Federation of BodyBuilding & Fitness Hall of Famer, Wheeler was the runner-up in Mr. Olympia in 1993, 1998, and 1999. He is also a four-time Arnold Classic winner.  
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  • I became an amputee in 2001. I had a choice to save my leg after my motorcycle accident. I was unconscious and my mom made the right decision. My story is unique and I would like to hear your story. Please email back if you can. God Bless & stay strong.💪🏾✌🏾&🙏🏾

    Kevin Seel on

  • Mr. Wheeler
    Sorry for your loss, mine was 21 years ago now. I am coming up on 66 in a couple of months I am still working the industrial mechanical trade which always involves uneven surfaces climbing things people are shocked when they are told “ not by me” of my condition. I believe
    the strongest muscle we have is Our minds.
    Stay Safe And Healthy and most important Happy. Some of us are just ones whom never
    Give Up.

    Kevin Rodman on

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