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A Guide to Standing in the Shower with Your Waterproof Prosthetic Cover

    There are many parts in a prosthesis that are sensitive to moisture and this is why most amputees take their legs off prior to taking a shower. Aside from keeping parts dry, this also allows you to properly wash your residual limb. However, there are some amputees that prefer to keep their prosthesis on during showers, having perfected their routine at home.

    Waterproof prosthetic covers can make showering easier when traveling.

    Navigating through new bathrooms can be quite unnerving, especially when you're traveling for business or leisure. Luckily, waterproof prosthetic covers will make it easier for you to stand in the shower and help you eliminate many of the unknowns once you arrive at your destination.

    Standing in the shower: aye or nay?

    Standing in the shower has both its pros and cons. On the upside, you're able to stand safely and have the option to go "shoeless" on your prosthetic limb. When using a bathroom you're unfamiliar with (i.e., in hotels for business trips), standing in the shower may be your safest and easiest option, making it more convenient for you to wash those hard-to-reach areas.

    The biggest disadvantage of waterproof covers is that in order to form a vacuum seal the latex material needs to be in contact with the skin. If you wear an above-knee prosthesis that encompasses your entire residual limb than this may not be an option for you. Another disadvantage of standing in the shower entails a fair bit of inconvenience in terms of having to take off your waterproof cover and then your prosthesis and supplies, just to wash your residual limb after taking a shower. Showering while sitting on a shower chair may be the best and safest option for many, it's a matter of preference.

    What is a waterproof prosthetic cover?

    A waterproof prosthetic cover is designed to secure your prosthesis by keeping it dry and safe during activities that involve water, like swimming or showering. The DryPro Prosthetic Cover includes a hand pump that allows an airtight seal to form, preventing accidental removal and stops water from entering the cover.

    Key Features of the DryPro Prosthetic Cover

      • Durable and reusable–which makes it economical and practical to use

      • A non-skid textured grip on the foot sole to prevent you from slipping, reducing chances of accidents

      • Includes a hand pump to form a vacuum seal to keep your prosthetic dry at all times

      • Completely submersible in water

      • Ease of use

    If you prefer standing in the shower or are in need of a quick and easy solution for showering when traveling, the DryPro Waterproof Cover may be the right fit for you. Sizing can get somewhat tricky because of the size range provided by the manufacturer, but the most important measurement is the circumference and then the length. If it's too long, it's easy to trim it down! Instructions are included in the product page here.

    If you're an above-knee amputee, a waterproof prosthesis from your Prosthetist may be best for you. There are some alternatives out there and a lot of brands offer waterproof prosthetic components, such as Ottobock's Aqualine system. Water-ready prostheses may give you just the same security that a waterproof cover provides.

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