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7 Prosthetic Essentials to Pack in Your Gym Bag Today

    You’ve been told a hundred times that regular exercise is good for you. The benefits include more than just weight-loss and being confident. But sometimes, no matter how good the benefits sound, going to the gym can seem like an uphill battle.

    We get it, and we’re here to tell you there’s a way to win half the battle: prepare your gym bag in advance. Yes, it’s that easy! Prepare your gym bag and workout clothes the night before, so all you have to do the next day is grab your stuff and go. It’s such a simple solution, but it works like magic.

    Prosthetic essentials for your gym bag.

    Make sure to throw in your dry shampoo, water bottle, and extra clothes. Now, let’s see what prosthetic essentials you need in your gym bag:

    1. Prosthetic Wipes

    If you don’t have time for a quick shower after your workouts, make sure you bring a pack of wipes with you, like Amputee Essentials Resilience Refreshing Shower Wipes. These wipes contain Tea Tree Oil, which helps fight odors and prevent infections. It also has soothing aloe and vitamin E, both of which leave your skin clean and refreshed. Use these to wipe your liner and socket, too. 

    2. Prosthetic antiperspirant

    Stop sweat in its tracks with a prosthetic antiperspirant like Alps Prosthetic Antiperspirant Spray. Especially designed to prevent sweat build-up inside your socket, a prosthetic antiperspirant also helps prevent body odor, sweat rashes, prosthetic blistering, and chafing. Need a few tips on managing chafing?  Here's how to fight friction.

    3. Chafing cream

    Avoid blisters inside your prosthesis with chafe cream.A cream that blocks friction while also nourishing your skin? You can have it all with Amputee Essentials Resilience Chafe Barrier Cream. Apply the chafe cream to your limb when the antiperspirant has dried. Now you can enjoy a more comfortable, chafe-free day with your prosthesis.

    4. Salves & Balms

    Use a prosthetic salve after chafe cream for ultimate protection.Protect your skin from chafing and blisters by applying a spot relief salve before and after your workout. Try Amputee Essentials Resilience Prosthetic Salve, which provides a long-lasting and soothing protective barrier against friction. To apply, remove your prosthesis and spot relieve high-friction areas before they become blisters.  Works best when applied after a chafing cream.

    5. Fresh Prosthetic Socks

    Whether or not you wear a prosthetic gel liner, carrying fresh socks with you is a must. The Knit-Rite Liner-Liner Prosthetic Sock with X-Static inhibits odor causing bacteria, while keeping your limb cooler and drier throughout the day.

     6. Towel

    Although a lot of gyms offer towels nowadays, it’s always good to bring your own. You never know what kind or how much detergent was used to wash them, which is an important consideration when wearing a gel liner.

    7. Blister kit

    Too much motion causes friction which causes blisters. So always keep a pack of blister pads in your gym bag to keep your limb comfortable and your blisters from becoming an issue. Try the waterproof and highly-conformable Spenco 2nd Skin Blister Pads.

    Bonus: Aftercare Soothing gel

    If you train hard, you may experience residual limb soreness and overall muscle inflammation. So, at the end of the day, treat yourself to a calming soothing gel to relieve your muscles of any soreness. Melt stress and tense muscles away with Amputee Essentials Resilience Aftercare Soothing Gel, formulated for sensitive skin. This cooling gel also contains nourishing oils, antioxidants, botanicals, and menthol to help you relax at night.   

    With these essentials in your gym bag, you’ll always be ready to conquer the gym (and the rest of your day).