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Young Girl Born With Backward-Facing Legs Aspires to be a Gymnast

    Victoria Komada, a seven-year-old girl born with a rare condition that caused her legs to face backward, can now walk again after a successful surgery. She can now enjoy a normal childhood in her hometown, Norwich in Norfolk, UK, but may need another surgery in the future depending on how she grows.

    Seven-year-old Victoria Komada, born with backward-facing legs, aspires to be a gymnast.

    Victoria has bilateral tibial hemimelia, a condition that can cause leg abnormalities. When her mother, Marzena Drusewicz, first learned that Victoria would require amputation of both legs at the age of three, she was devastated. However, in 2018, doctors in the US provided hope by presenting a solution to save Victoria's left leg.

    The surgery was successful, saving Victoria's leg as well as her dream of becoming a professional gymnast. The surgery cost was a staggering £180,000, but Marzena was able to raise the necessary funds.

    However, in June of 2023, Victoria experienced a twisted left foot and had to undergo a five-hour surgery in Austria. “I am very happy and grateful to the people who gave us a chance to save Victoria's leg. Whether she'll need another operation depends on how she will grow over the next few years — but she has her heart set on being a gymnast," Marzena said in an interview with NorfolkLive.

    Although the second operation was successful, her family was left with a hospital bill of £10,000 they needed to fundraise for.

    Victoria is now walking after her second surgery.

    Victoria is now walking again after a second operation on her leg.

    To assist with the costs, Victoria’s classmates at the St. Clements Hill Primary Academy organized a danceathon fundraiser where Victoria and her mother were honored guests. Thanks to the event, £6,000 was raised towards the £10,000 needed for the second surgery.