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What You Need to Know About 5280 Prosthetics' Internal Side Mount Vacuum

    Founded in 2008, 5280 Prosthetics developed a computerized prosthetic socket system completely controlled from a smart device. Their puck technology was created by clinical prosthetists in an effort to alleviate the issues with existing socket technology and the common problems associated with elevated vacuum, leading to the creation of their internal side mount vacuum system. 


    What Are Vacuum Systems? How Do They Work?

    Vacuums create negative pressure inside the prosthetic socket. Once your socket is under vacuum, the atmospheric pressure (air outside the socket) will equalize with the pressure inside your socket. Similar to osmosis, there are tiny little air molecules trying to work their way into your socket from any available entry point. With hoses, socket ports (holes drilled into your socket), and connector plates on the bottom of the socket, air will try to find a way to creep inside and loosen the seal.


    What Sets 5280 Prosthetics' Vacuum System Apart?

    Smart Puck vacuum system for prosthetics.

    Pin locks & lanyards that allow pressure fluctuations require you to constantly tighten the socket either through adding socks or padding. This results in difficulty in donning & doffing and is not ideal for blood flow.


    Tissue profusion or Constant Vacuum technology pulls your tissue and prosthetic liner to the inner walls of your socket, creating a secure seal, promoting improved blood circulation and limb health. Puck technology helps pull blood, lymph, and nutrients flow into your residual limb, allowing for stronger, healthier tissue.



    SmartPuck users can control their prosthetics using their mobile devices. This allows you to perform your best when running, cycling, or even rock climbing. The SmartPuck app can also control two pucks at the same time, making it a great choice for bilateral amputees.



    The vacuum offers maximum comfort, which allows you to relax and perform activities hassle and pain-free. It offers the option of injecting a custom soft silicone pad, which maximizes socket comfort. With this level of suspension, your prosthesis feels like it’s a part of you.



    5280 Prosthetics' Vacuum System helps alleviate friction sores and painful walking, promoting an active lifestyle and helping limit back pain.


    What is ZeroPuck SP?

    ZeroPuck SP is the first ever internal intelligent side mount socket system with integrated Constant Vacuum socket technology, aiding in improved circulation and the overall health of your residual limb.


    Zeropuck sp smart puck vacuum system. 

    With its Smart Constant Vacuum technology, you can set it up depending on your needs and forget about it. The system can be easily controlled with any smart Android or Apple device but if you have neither, it also features a “Hall Switch”, a magnetic on/off switch that allows you to toggle to the on or off position with the wave of a magnet. It is compatible with naked silicone and urethane liners, and a number of popular models such as Otto Bock™ Urethane, Ossur™, Evolution™ and ESP™.


    With these new innovations from 5280, amputees get the chance to wear a prosthesis with maximum comfort and continue living an active lifestyle. Learn more about 5280 Prosthetics and get in touch with your Prosthetist to see whether this is the right vacuum system for your unique needs.

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