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Walk Naturally on Any Terrain with the Össur Proprio Foot

    One out of two prosthetic users reports the fear of falling, which can result in a more sedentary lifestyle as they avoid certain activities to prevent tripping or falling. The redesigned Össur Proprio Foot aims to reduce the possibility of falling while also helping prosthetic users walk naturally on any terrain.

     Ossur Proprio Foot lets you walk naturally on any terrain.

    The latest iteration of the Proprio Foot is designed for low to moderately active lower-limb amputees. It reduces the risk of tripping and falling, thanks to its motor-powered ankle motion that increases toe clearance during swing phase by raising the prosthetic toe area. It also adapts to changing terrain 60% faster than the previous version. This improvement sees enhanced walking quality on stairs and other inclined surfaces.

    The Proprio Foot features a full-length toe lever that matches the length of your sound side foot. This is a welcome upgrade for prosthetic users of other prosthetic feet; the design makes it possible for the user to spend equal time on both the prosthetic foot and the biological leg. This results in better walking symmetry as well as reduced impact to the sound side limb.

    For those who like switching out their shoes, the Proprio Foot’s heel height can now be adjusted. This feature reduces the chance of misalignment of the prosthesis, minimizing walking fatigue and discomfort typically experienced with poor alignment.

    The foot, which weighs 3.3 lbs with its foot shell, has a split toe and a sandal toe. The former helps the user maintain his or her balance and stability, which reduces impact during the loading phase of walking. Meanwhile, the former offers a more anatomical look as well as functional compatibility with sandals.

    The redesigned Proprio Foot can be used in wet and humid environments; however, it cannot be submerged in water.

    Users can adjust the Proprio Foot’s ankle alignment when switching out footwear through the accompanying Össur Logic app for iOS devices. Step count and battery level can also be monitored through the app.

    If you’re interested in getting a Proprio Foot, consult your prosthetist.