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New from Ossur: The Iceform Sleeve with Wave and Unique Thermo-formability

    Ossur has become quite a household name In the prosthetics industry. This Icelandic company has been around since 1971, and has become known for its silicone and flexfeet products not to mention the first bionic leg called Symbionic Leg. And just recently, Ossur has released the Iceform Prosthetic Sleeve that's sure to help Below-Knee prosthetic users in more ways than one.  This is Ossur's first use of TPE Gel in a prosthetic sleeve instead of their highly optimized silicone formula.

    Ossur's new Iceform sleeve is similar to oww leg sleeves.

    What Can the Iceform Do For You?

    The Iceform TPE gel sleeve is a well-engineered sleeve that incorporates increased elasticity as well as the right mix of horizontal and vertical mobility. Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) comes from soft plastic, so that gives it a stretchy, jelly feel to it. Sure, silicone and urethane have a little bit of these features, but you can't match the ease in manipulating TPE into your preferred shape. When it comes into contact with your body's warmth, it slowly takes the shape and form of your thigh. Now, that makes for a snug and comfortable fit!

    But you're probably wondering – "How's it going to help me with my day to day activities?" The quick answer is its elasticity makes bending your knee easier and less stiff.

    Say you're in a movie theater, feeling all cozy in the first seat along the aisle. You have your tub of popcorn and a bag of nachos on your lap. But right after you kicked back and got comfortable, a line of people stood right next to you, trying to get to their seats further down. 

    With a cramped floor space, it can be pretty tough to make room for these people unless you stand and let them pass. Sure, you can bend your knee a bit to give them space to pass through. But you're also thinking it's not the most comfortable position.

    The Ossur Iceform is now more elastic than Iceross sleeve, and offers the same horizontal and vertical wave feature, allowing easier knee bending and less vasoconstriction behind the knee. Its TPE gel is covered with a durable seamless fabric, eliminating your pants from catching on the sleeve's exterior gel surface.  And the Ossur Iceform is thicker around your knee for extra durability.

    For high impact activities, you may be better off with a different leg sleeve, such as the Icecross Sleeve with wave. This leg sleeve is engineered for rigorous activities because silicone is typically more durable than TPE or mineral oil gel. But if you're into low to moderate activities such as golfing, walking leisurely, or light running, the Iceform sleeve will function as expected.

    TPE gel similar to silicone, requires less compression to suspend your prosthesis.  Typically with neoprene sleeves, you'll have to make sure your sleeve is nice and tight to suspend your BK prosthetic leg optimally. 

    But just one little thing we thought you might need to know. When wearing the Iceform sleeve, it's best to use a sleeve saver with it. TPE gel is durable, but it's not as tear-resistant as neoprene and silicone. Ossur also suggests that you wear an Ossur sleeve along with their cushion liners for extra comfort and suspension.

    Final Thoughts

    Comfort meets ease with the Iceform TPE gel sleeve from Ossur. It's excellent for your sensitive skin and great for low to medium impact activities.

    Have a question or comment? Comment below and tell us about your experience.

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