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Prosthetic sleeve suspension is used by Prosthetists to form a bond between a prosthetic user and prosthesis. Prosthetic suspension sleeves are designed for Below Knee and Below Elbow amputees and are open on both ends .   Prosthetic liners are different and can be found in Prosthetic Liners category. BK sleeves are rolled onto an amputee's thigh providing suspension through vacuum, suction or compression.  Learn the difference between suction and vacuum systems.  Weekend warriors may use a silicone sleeve as a secondary means of suspension for high activity events. While an amputee with poor hand dexterity may opt for an easy-to-use soft gel sleeve. 

Prosthetic manufacturers are continually investing in R&D to improve sleeve design and materials, creating a more durable and comfortable suspension method.  Ossur has added their wave feature technology making it easier to bend your knee while people pass you in a tight movie theater aisle.  Ottobock  offers an incredible line of Below-Knee sleeves to compliment any vacuum system.  The myriad of options available when deciding on a sleeve can be overwhelming.  Read the customer reviews and our Prosthetic Sleeve Suspension Guide for more information.


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