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No Luck Swiping? Take a Cue from this Double Amputee's Book

    In 2017, Mandy Horvath from Colorado made headlines as her dark sense of humor garnered her many dating offers on Tinder. A double amputee who lost her legs in a train accident, the then-24-year-old biology student turned to humor to not only find love but also to make her recovery a lot easier. 

    Mandy Horvath credits her humor for helping her cope with limb loss and getting dates on Tinder.Image courtesy of

    In her interview for The Sun UK, Horvath shared that she coped with the loss of both her legs by constantly joking about being an amputee. She then realized that she could translate her humor on her dating profile and connect with people her unique way.

    What sparked her confidence to join the online dating world was a YouTube video about dating as a disabled woman. This was a massive leap for Horvath as she completely avoided dating after her amputation. Those first few years were marked by feelings of nervousness and self-consciousness.

    Her impactful humor was in full force in her Tinder bio where she described herself as a “stand-up comedian” and assured potential dates that she’ll “never run away” when things get tough. This approach helped her break the ice, and it allowed people to view her as an individual rather than someone with a disability.

    Mandy Horvath's Tinder bio says she'll never run away from her dates.



    Mandy Horvath's awesome Tinder profile led more men to "swipe right."

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    Horvath lost her legs in 2014. She turned to Tinder in 2017 and found a lot of awesome friends, many of whom she keeps in contact with regularly.