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Manhattan Beach Is Now More Accessible With a Mobi-Mat

    More people can now enjoy Manhattan Beach in Southern California as officials from the Department of Beaches and Harbors installed a Mobi-Mat across the sand. It has made the beach more accessible to people who use prosthetic legs, canes, walkers, wheelchairs, and other assistive devices.

     Officials installed Mobi-Mats on the sands of Manhattan Beach, making it accessible to prosthetic users.

    The mat, made of nylon mesh material, provides a more stable surface for amputees and people with mobility devices to walk and move on. It is located off 42nd street near the ADA ramp, extending the concrete walkway, known as the “Pathway to the Sea,” by 60 feet. Another mat runs parallel to the ocean for another 100 feet.

    These semi-permanent mats are part of a larger effort to guarantee that everyone can enjoy Los Angeles County’s beaches. Manhattan Beach is the sixth beach in the county to feature the Mobi-Mat. Visitors are also provided with beach wheelchairs along the coast.